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Belgian Bitcoin Embassy

April 2024. The halving is coming and so should you!

“Get ready for one of the most significant Bitcoin moments of 2024, and the largest gathering of European pleb, around block 840,000. Two combined events and three exclusive days right in the heart of the city. Diverse program and over 500 attendees. Half-party, Half-conference, Half-filmfest.”

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1,2,3, BTC — The fourth halving event and parties around the world

2024 marks an important date: block 840,000 and the next Bitcoin halving. By the way, already the fourth one since 2009, can you imagine? Time flies… 

Every four years, on the occasion of the Bitcoin halving, smaller meetings, larger gatherings and professional events are organized not only to enjoy and celebrate this important moment but also to exchange insights and experiences.

Probably just like every four years, some smaller and larger groups will meet here or there to celebrate the importance of the halving cycle… From spontaneous meetups over a beer, through organized gatherings with some local plebs, to finally big parties all over the place —there’s a lot to expect.

So far, there are at least three epic events on the horizon, all about the Halvening. Each one has its own location, offbeat agenda and rad vibe. Looks like they’re gonna be way more fun than just hanging out with the usual group over a cold one.

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