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Le Pleb Royale
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One.. Two.. One.. Two.. Testing.. One.. Two.. Testicles...
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Bitcoinwiki voor Nederlanders EN BELGEN ????????????????????

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Hi Belgium Noderunner frens????

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Leuk jullie overal tegen te komen!

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Noderunners wtf

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Test Test

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Belgian Bitcoin Embassy

Iedereen welkom op de 20ste editie van de Belgian Bitcoin Embassy Meetup! We spreken af op 21 juli in Little Bun MAS in Antwerpen (Sint Aldegondiskaai 44) vanaf 19u (zaaltje bovenaan:

(18u-19u: Pre-meetup dinner in Little Bun)
19u-19u30: Grab a drink from the Lightning honesty bar
19u30-20u: Bitcoin talk – topic TBD
20u-22u: Discussion

If you want to have some discussion with fellow Bitcoiners, feel free to join us!

Please send a small Bitcoin payment via Lightning to enable comments.

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